World: Qatar Ambassador Receives Petition For Lgbt Rights

World: Qatar Ambassador Receives Petition For LGBT Rights

BERLIN (AP) — Qatar’s ambassador to Germany addressed a human rights conference hosted by the German Football Federation on Monday and called to abolish the death penalty for gays, just two months before the country hosts the World Cup. received. .

The head of the fan group, Dario Minden, addressed in English to Qatari Ambassador Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Thani at a conference in Frankfurt.


“I’m a man and I like men,” Minden said. “I like them – don’t be surprised – I have relationships with other men. Because the simple rule is that football is for everyone.It doesn’t matter if you’re lesbian or gay.It’s for everyone.It’s for boys.It’s for girls.Everyone in between.”

Minden continued. “The death penalty must be abolished. We will abolish all punishments that refer to sexuality and gender identity. The rule that football belongs to everyone is very important. You can’t, join the international football community and of course put on great tournaments, but that’s the way the sport works, you have to accept the rules.”

Al Thani was able to respond later, but his comments were not made public. Only his first 90 minutes of Congress were open to the public, and the press was not invited.

Federation spokesman Stephane Simon said the organization had not taken a decision to silence most of parliament, but “some participants expressed a desire to discuss these issues internally. They don’t want to talk about it publicly and we respect that.”

Qatari law has been called into question in the last decade leading up to the World Cup. An adult convicted of a homosexual relationship faces one to three years of her imprisonment. However, the U.S. State Department warned in a report last year that homosexuals could be put to death under Sharia or Islamic law, although there are no known executions in Qatar.

Police Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Ansari, the leader in charge of security for the World Cup, said rainbow flags would be banned from match stands at the tournament to protect fans from attacks promoting the rights of the LGBT community. previously told the Associated Press.

Al-Ansari said LGBT couples in Qatar will join forces for the World Cup, which will be held from 20 November to 18 December, even though homosexual relationships are still criminalized in conservative Gulf countries. Argued to be welcomed and accepted.

Minden’s remarks came after Al-Thani complained to parliament that human rights issues were distracting him from the tournament.

“We are all concerned about the human rights situation. I will,” said Al Thani.


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