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Yadhira Carrillo Asks Lety Calderón To Let Her Children Visit Collado

The actress Yadhira Carrillo asked Leticia Calderón to let her children, Carlo and Luciano, visit Juan Collado in the prison where he has been staying for more than a year.

Yadhira Carrillo insists that, from the prison, Juan Collado talk on the phone with your children Carlo and Luciano, fruit of its relationship with Leticia Calderon However, the latter has stated that for more than a year her ex-husband has not requested that his children visit him at the North Prison and that he does not speak with them either.

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The lawyer has been in prison since July 2019, accused of money laundering, organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin, since then, Yadhira Carrillo He visits him every week in the prison. Now, in an interview that the program broadcast Come the joyThe actress stressed that her husband is in communication with his minor children.

In fact, he was even moved by one of the alleged conversations he has with Luciano

, 16 years old. “Yes, Juan talks to them on the phone. Luciano, the beautiful little boy, tells him: ‘Dad, yeah, look, I need you to be outside because I have many girlfriends and I need, please, you to rent me a boat there in Acapulco ‘”.

“What light of a son, what a privilege of God to have that son”, he commented Cheek.

One day later, Leticia Calderon denied Cheek. “He has not spoken to them, he has not called them, he has not requested them, I can not do anything else,” said the interpreter on the program The sun rises. But visibly annoyed, she assured that she was already lazy to always clarify the same thing. “I don’t know if you are no longer lazy to ask, but I am lazy to answer. I already told you that at the moment when Juan requires it, I will gladly allow him to see the boys.”

Yadhira Carrillo He did not keep silent before these statements and returned to answer the mother of the children of Juan Collado. “He calls them almost daily,” he said. In addition, he called on Lety Calderon to allow her children to visit their father in prison. “What he wants is for them to come,” he reiterated, “but if she considers that it is not appropriate, she is respected.”

“Juan and I urgently ask you to allow the children to come to see Juan because Juan has seen them all his life and now that he is here he cannot see them,” he asked before the cameras. “It is very important for him that the children are close because this has gone on for so long. He has been a great father to them.” He even asked her to “touch her heart” so her children can go to the prison to see their father. “He does need them,” he said.

Yadhira He suggested that she contact Collado’s attorney to arrange the visit. “He puts them in right away so they can see their dad. That’s no problem.”

Also, she described that this request is “like the letter to Santa Claus” from her husband: “It would be precious, a great gift for him, he does deserve it because he has been a great father, they have never lacked anything. gives him “.

This is not the first time Lety Calderon ensures that Juan Collado He has no communication with his children and that he has not requested that he take them to prison. The only time apparently young people had communication with him was at the end of June, when Calderon He said that the minors sent a video to their father on his birthday.

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