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Yellowstone Volcano Could Erupt End Humanity NASA Will Try To Control It

To begin with there was an earthquake on March 18, 2020, magnitude 5.7 (M5.7) near Salt Lake City.

Second there was another 6.5 Magnitude earthquake in central Idaho on March 31.

NASA is recognized by all as the organization that made possible the arrival of man on the Moon, there are also other projects such as conquering Mars, but it is necessary to mention that one of its main objectives is to protect the planet earth of anything that threatens humanity.

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The United States Geological Survey(USGA) issued a press release about the incidents explaining a bit more about how this Yellowstone Super volcano operates.

There has been new information about the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park and its possible eruption which would be catastrophic world wide event because it will trigger a world wide black out that will render food supply and will eliminate humanity as we know it.

Apparently the eruption could be strong enough to destroy humanity and civilization.  The phenomenon manifests every 700,000 years and according to NASA information, 640,000 years ago was its last eruption.  This is has been confirmed but it will not happen for another 100,000 years according to USGA experts.

They answered some of the questions the public might have such as:

What’s with all of these quakes? And will they affect Yellowstone? – USGA

They went on to say that we shouldn’t worry because this is normal seismic activity and area will continue to feel smaller earthquakes as the after math of this activity.

Lately, with all the problems and fears that this coronavirus pandemic has brought on to the whole world people have been stuck locked down at home with more time on their hands to get worried about other world phenomena.

The Yellowstone Volcano phenomenon manifests every 700,000 years according to NASA information, 600,000 years ago was its last eruption.

So we are due for another one in about a 100,000 years, this information is not exact and no one knows with precision if or when this will happen.

NASA has developed a project to avoid it which consists of drilling the sides and not directly in the deposit of magma, but it is worth mentioning that the investment would be more than three billion dollars.

According to NASA cooling the Yellowslone Volcano would be the only solution.

Yellowstone National Park is recognized for having a huge reserve of magma which causes eruptions of geysers and hot springs are constantly bubbling.

As time passes the volcano warms more, generating more gases and more magma until an explosion is caused.

The British media outlet and newspaper “DAILY EXPRESS” has published an article where they say

USGA Professor Mike Poland revealed a “very unnerving” discovery made by the USGS in the wake of two recent earthquakes within the region of the supervolcano

This story itself sounds very scary and makes the public very nervous but what the professor is saying is that it will be another year before the grounds stop “rumbling” because of aftershocks that will probably last a year.

In their briefing and newsletter the USGA concluded;

And the next time someone tells you that one of these earthquakes—which are bound to happen again in the future—is going to cause Yellowstone to erupt, you can explain what’s really going on! – USGA






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