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Yomel El Meloso, Omega, Vakeró, El Cata, Don Miguelo, Among Others, Have Been Involved In Gender Violence – Toxic Loves: Women Abused By Artists Have Wanted To Back Down Their Complaints

Nobody can get involved in a husband and wife lawsuit … Sometimes this phrase does not apply. When there is suspicion or evidence of gender violence in couples, the Prosecutor’s Office gets involved. And he does not drop the case, even if the victim desists from maintaining the complaint or complaint.

In many of these cases, the investigation continues and the justice system does not release the accused.

This is what has happened to some Dominican singers, who have been brought to justice for assault on their partners and then they retract and withdraw the complaint.

A recent example of this is the case of the urban exponent Denisse Michel Tejeda, better known as La Perversa, who last week accused her ex-partner, the also interpreter Cristofer Hernández, Yomel el Meloso, of physically and verbally assaulting her.

Later, La Perversa “repented” and said that she did everything out of “anger” and “jealousy.”

“It was all out of anger and jealousy, I know it’s not justification, but I admit it,” he said in a long message on his social networks, where he explained that he loves Yomel too much, “but he broke trust.”

Despite his repentance, the investigation continues and the Public Ministry requested preventive detention for the singer, alleging that he has been a repeat offender, mistreating the young woman and whose hearing to hear the coercion measure is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5, at 9:00 a.m. morning.

As in the case of the interpreters of “Amor realengo”, other similarities have happened with Dominican artists such as El Cata, Don Miguelo, Omega and Vakeró, who were accused of gender violence and then the victims abandoned the complaint.

The Tasting

Edward Edwin Bello Pou, (“El Cata”) was arrested at the beginning of 2020 accused of assault by his ex-partner Scarlet Massiel Almánzar Jiménez, with whom he maintained a relationship for five months.

According to the file, in the early morning of December 9, 2019, El Cata physically attacked the young woman, on which occasion he asked her to say her last words because “she would not come out alive” from the place where they were both.

However, days later the young woman withdrew the complaint against the singer of “Loca con su Tíguere” and went to the Gender Violence Unit questioning the authorities, ensuring that she did not feel threatened by El Cata.

Then the court accepted an appeal and ordered the artist to pay one million pesos in cash as an economic guarantee, an impediment to exit and a periodic presentation.

Martha Heredia In 2013, Vakeró spent two months in prison after his wife at the time, the singer Martha Heredia, accused him of physical and psychological assault. Although later “La Baby” withdrew the complaint.

At that time, Martha declared that she wanted to reconcile with her husband, which is why she wanted to desist from the complaint filed in the Gender Violence Unit of the National District Prosecutor’s Office.

Three cases Antonio Peter de la Rosa, better known as Omega “El Fuerte”, is perhaps the most recidivist Dominican artist in cases of gender violence.

Several times the singer has stepped on jail accused of assaulting a woman, however, on three occasions the victims have backed down and withdrawn the lawsuits.

It was in 2012 that the young July Mercedes López filed a complaint for mistreatment against the merenguero and then left without effect.

Omega’s lawyer said that it was an invention and that the same young woman confessed, after complaining, that it was a lie, without explaining the reasons that led her to accuse the artist.

Likewise, in 2008 the interpreter of “Chambonea” went to prison accused by his ex-wife of assaulting her. Then Raysa Moya withdrew the complaint and went to jail crying and said that he filed the complaint against the musician to “do him a nasty thing” out of jealousy.

In that same year, “El Fuerte” faced another lawsuit from Amarilis Ogando, a cashier from the Tía Tania cabin, who accused the singer of assaulting her. But then he renounced any action against the artist.

Don Miguelo

The same happened with the urban artist Don Miguelo, who in 2012 spent several weeks in prison after his ex-partner and mother of his first child, Paola Cristal, accused him of physical assault and alleged “intimate images” of him that the artist would have posted on social media.

Days after filing the lawsuit, the dancer withdrew it, but the Permanent Attention judge, José Alejandro Vargas, sent the singer to Najayo jail.

Almost a month later, the interpreter of “And what was it?” he was released on bail. The court imposed an economic guarantee of 100,000 pesos in cash, impediment to exit and periodic presentation.


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