“You Are Mexican And Ugly”: a Spanish Exercise Angers The Parents Of a New York School | News Univision United States

A Spanish assignment has generated controversy in a New York school district, where numerous parents have expressed their outrage for considering that it is an offensive and discriminatory proposal.

“You are Mexican and ugly. You are beautiful and American,” can be read in the Spanish exercise (it is written in English for students to translate), whose photograph circulates through the media and social networks after some parents made public their concern and discomfort about it.

Some of those families are immigrants from Mexico, who have been offended by such wording. “We are from Mexico and two of our children attend WCS, we believe this is very disrespectful and inappropriate. The district should have more control over the information teachers give students,” says a Facebook message reported by Newsweek.


Faced with the wave of criticism, the school district issued a statement, although it is not yet clear what action will be taken regarding the teacher who proposed this assignment.

“The teacher-created exercise presented to students is unacceptable. We are addressing the situation to ensure it does not happen again. The district does not condone any instructional material that denigrates our students, families, culture, or beliefs,” the statement said. .

A mother had already complained to the director before Christmas

Allison Wainick has her partner’s daughter at school and has been one of the most vocal people when it comes to denouncing this Spanish homework assigned to students.

“I was shocked and speechless,” she told the local Buffalo News, explaining what she thought when the girl taught her and her husband the homework that the Spanish teacher had given them. The same girl was “angry”.

Wainick already complained about it to Mill Middle School principal Lori Jonas before winter break, but hasn’t explained what response he got.

“I am extremely disappointed in Mill Middle School for allowing this disgusting and inexcusable language to be presented in a class,” Wainick’s husband, Marcelo Florencio, who was born and raised in Latin America, told the same outlet.

It remains to be seen how the case proceeds and if disciplinary action is taken against the professor, who has not yet been identified.