Young Venezuelan Without Legs Is An Example For Many In Networks

On the night of September 7, 2019, the life of Juan Pablo Dos Santos, who was then 20 years old, changed forever. A terrible accident with motorcycles in Caracas, Venezuela, took both of his legs. “I don’t remember everything clearly. I remember that I woke up three days later and realized that both legs were missing ”, explained the young man during an interview with the in Miami, Florida. There began a process “very hard, with more than 40 days in the clinic.” “They were very hard moments, especially the first days because you start to see yourself in a different way. I wondered if I was going to be a normal person and how others would see me, “he said. A tragedy in a weakened health system To its drama it had to be added that the accident occurred in Venezuela, a country mired in a serious political and economic crisis that has a very weakened health system. “We not only had to fight against the physical process, but also the economic process. We did not have the resources to pay the entire bill for the clinic, nor could we afford the prosthesis, “he recalled. At the time of the accident, he also did not have health insurance, which made things even worse. “The fact of paying 40 days of hospitalization, 16 surgeries, nails, screws, plates … all that was very complicated,” he said, giving an example that if his mother had sold her business and her house would not have been enough to pay for all the costs. treatment. “That is the reality that most of the country lives,” he added, grateful for the number of people who collaborated with donations to pay for his medical recovery. Also read: The pandemic and the necessary changes in the health system in Latin America: What to expect? The best is obtained from the best crises Far from being “victimized”, Juan Pablo saw in his unfortunate situation the possibility of “motivating others” with his experience and “implying that from the worst crises, sometimes, he also takes the better than you have inside ”. That is why he repeats over and over again that his disability has not been an obstacle for him. In fact, now 22, he has become a popular model and ‘influencer’ on social media. In Venezuela, he has already launched some advertising campaigns, but for him beauty has nothing to do with being attractive at first glance. “For me beauty is that which we don’t even need to open our eyes to see, and I link it a lot with attitude. I believe that attitude and beauty go hand in hand, because many times it happens to us with people who after two minutes of meeting them we already say that they are very beautiful, and it is not always because of their physical appearance, but because of their energies, their messages. positive and their ways of living life, “he explained. Model and influencer Dos Santos was already into modeling before the fateful episode on the road. After all, he wanted to get on with it. So when he began his evolution with prosthetic legs, he also changed his lifestyle. “I decided to change my physical form again and I began to do a lot of training, to eat healthy,” he said. From that moment on, even more brands began to notice him and he ended up participating in a beauty pageant in which he was the winner. “It’s funny that the person with the incomplete body is the one who wins the best body. But I think that’s the beauty of all this, I think we send a very positive message to all people ”. Looking back, the young man assures that none of this would have been possible without the help of his family and many other people who selflessly supported him financially to finance the cost of medical treatment. “I always say it, it was teamwork, because without all the people who were by my side supporting me, there were thousands, from the person who put a dollar in my collection campaign so that today I can be here to the anonymous person . Everyone ”, he explains excitedly. “I want you to be proud, I want each of those people who sacrificed to look good to me think it was worth it. That also pushes me a lot to keep going ”. A normal person without legs? Juan Pablo insists that “the monsters that we make in our heads are much worse than those that are here in real life” when he asked him if he, at some point, had come to think that his life had no meaning. “I wondered how I was going to go back to being a normal person, how I was going to go out to a bar with my friends, how I was going to go out to a restaurant with my family, how I was going to be normal again. Also, taking into account that in most places in my country they are not adapted for a wheelchair ”. And the thing is that the prognosis that one of the doctors had given him was not at all favorable. “A prosthetist came to the clinic and said: ‘I want to be honest with you and you are going to spend between 2 and 3 years in taking your first steps again. You have to understand your limitations and accept them ”. “When he walked out the door, I started crying and asked my mom who did he think he was to tell me what my times were.” And in the end, Juan Pablo Dos Santos was right. Because three months later he was in Brazil taking his first steps. “The good or bad things that people tell us, we decide how to take them. That could have pushed me to the bottom of the lake and left me down there waiting three years to get back up. But, on the contrary, it aroused my rebellion and made me want to demonstrate to all those people who said that I would not be able, that I could. And if he failed, at least he was going to try ”, he described. His example, motivation for others That is why he wants his life experience to serve as an example to help other people who may be going through the same situation as him a couple of years ago. After all, he assures that he is living the best stage of his life. 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