Zach Wilson Apologizes For Comments After Loss To Patriots

Zach Wilson Apologizes For Comments After Loss To Patriots

Zach Wilson only realized he had made a wrong statement when his father called him to question his allegations after the loss to the Patriots.

FLORHAM PARK, NJ — The day he lost his starting quarterback job, Zach Wilson tried to win back his New York Jets teammates with an apology. After heavy criticism from fans and the media, Zach Wilson spoke to the entire team on Wednesday and admitted he botched Sunday’s post-game press conference, in which he refused to take responsibility for his poor performance in the loss. against the New England Patriots.

“I had a sick feeling in my stomach,” he described, alluding to the commotion he caused.


That game, combined with what coach Robert Saleh called a deterioration of basic fundamentals, benched Zach Wilson. Mike White will start Sunday against the Chicago Bears at MetLife Stadium. Joe Flacco will be the second quarterback; Wilson will be inactive.

Wilson, acknowledging his poor play, did not question Robert Saleh’s decision. Speaking to the team, he expressed his support for Mike White, but also promised to get his job back, the players said. He wanted to clear the air with his teammates, some of whom were upset by his post-loss comments, sources leaked.

Zach Wilson only realized he had made a wrong statement when his father called him to question his allegations after the loss to the Patriots AP

“It was the only thing I could think about in the last few days,” Wilson agreed. “I wanted the chance to talk to the guys and do it from the heart.”

Wilson’s placement on the bench was a significant change for an organization that had geared almost everything around him since taking him with the second overall pick in 2021. It raises questions about the team’s future quarterback, a situation the Jets they never thought they would have to face so soon.

Saleh explained that Wilson’s fundamentals are “really out of control” and that he needs time to refocus. Saleh has “every intention” that Wilson will play again this season, insisting that the Jets “have not wavered in our belief that he will be the future of the franchise.” Saleh described the situation as a temporary reset.

“Is it a small step back? Absolutely,” agreed Robert Saleh. “But do I think it’s going to be a big step forward when I get a chance to reboot? Absolutely. So, this is not putting a nail in his coffin. This is not it. This is nowhere near it. At the end of this it will be rejuvenated and renewed.” Understandably, the player was not happy with the decision.

“It’s hard; it’s never fun,” Zach Wilson stressed to reporters. “The first thing that crossed my mind is that I have to get to work, I have to improve.” The news was not a surprise.

“I wouldn’t say that [estaba] necessarily surprised because I haven’t been doing my job. Of course, I would like to disagree with the decision and everything, but it is that I have to play better.”

Saleh declined to set a date for Wilson’s return, saying he will take it “day by day.” This, of course, opens the door to a potential quarterback controversy if White is successful.

The Jets (6-4), hoping to end their 11-year playoff drought, have switched to win-win mode. They believe their defense is championship-caliber and they don’t want to waste this opportunity because of erratic play from the quarterback.

They’re 5-2 since Wilson returned from a knee injury in the preseason, but his play has been wildly inconsistent, a trend in two years. With a total QBR of 37.6, he ranks 31st out of 33 quarterbacks qualified over the past two seasons. He bottomed out with a career-low 77 passing yards in Sunday’s 10-3 loss to the Patriots.

Zach Wilson was cited by the coaches at Monday’s team meeting, sources reported, leading some to believe his ejection was inevitable. Saleh claimed that Wilson’s postgame comments were not a factor in his decision. Wilson said he had no idea he had caused a stir until his father got on the phone and asked, “What are you doing?”

“It’s deserved,” Wilson conceded of the national criticism. “The way I handled the situation was not correct. I have to be a better football player and then I have to be a better leader. I have an opportunity to turn the page here as a player and a leader.”

Cornerback DJ Reed thanked Zach Wilson for his apology.

“Everything he said came from the heart. He was very genuine and everyone respected him.”

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“There are some basic things that have really gotten out of hand,” Saleh explained. “This is just a chance for him to relax, focus on those things and find a way to reconnect with all the different things that we fell in love with during the draft process. It’s something I feel like he’ll be able to do.” “

Saleh believes that there are “some things in his game at the moment … that will continue to deteriorate if we continue to leave him.” The team came up with a practice plan that will allow you to focus on those fundamentals. The trainer assures that the problems are “fixable”.

Statistically, Zach Wilson is historically bad when shooting under pressure. He has a tendency to look at the defense rather than the field, which often results in poor shooting. Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur acknowledged that footwork is a problem.

“I have to find a way to make him play fundamentally well with the bottom half,” he says.



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